AquaFlow II Prepaid RFID Card System

Our prepaid RFID card system allows your customers to purchase a vending card with a pre-selected or variable credit amount. They may then bring the card to any stand pipe equipped with an RFID card reader and dispense water up to the pre-paid limit on their card.

The system uses RFID technology to communicate with the card wirelessly. Prepaid RFID card systems can be installed on existing water pipe stands. We can provide you the materials and instructions for installation, or we can provide complete installation for you. Contact us for details.

System operation details:

After the card is placed next to the control interface, it is checked for its credit limit. When the Start button is pressed, a preset amount is deducted from the card, and then the electric valve is opened, allowing water to flow. The meter measures the water flow and sends this information to the control interface. When the user presses the Stop button the valve is closed and the system then adjusts the value on the customer’s card to reflect the actual amount dispensed.

The customer can then bring the card back to your office or to an unattended teller machine to put more money on the card.

Aqua Flow II Product Sheet

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