Welcome to AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. We specialize in water payment systems that help our customers get paid for their bulk water sales. We manufacture the AquaFlow II™ System, The SkyPaySystem™, and the AquaTrack™ System. These systems allow us to offer our customers a choice of payment solutions to meet their needs.

A truck fill site using the AquaFlow II™ Water Loading System, will allow payment to the water company by the use of our state-of-the-art RFID pre-paid card system. The AquaFlow II™ System is the only completely sealed, prepaid water card system currently available. That means constant cleaning of a card slot is not required. Re-valuing the customer’s card may be done using an office encoder (by your customer service team) or an un-attended teller machine (UTM) placed in a secure location. Both offer complete transaction logs for accountability and bookkeeping functions.

A water truck filling location using the AquaTrack™ system may be credit card enabled, account card enabled, or pin pad enabled. The system is capable of using multiple methods at the same time. The AquaTrack™ system is a real-time, internet-based system with all the options that a water company may desire.

The SkyPaySystem™ is our new cloud-based system that does not require a card or credit card to be used at the site. The customer uses his or her phone number and pin to access water after setting up a prepaid account online. All payments are paid through the internet. This system is the prime choice of water companies that are looking for ways to limit interactions with end users. The SkyPaySystem™ is also the perfect system to use for your water vending machines.

For more detailed information on each system, click on the "Products" link.

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